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Der Kriminalbeamte Adrian Monk wurde aufgrund seiner besonderen Fähigkeiten in seinem Beruf schnell eine kleine Berühmtheit. Er hat ein fotografisches Gedächtnis und kann selbst aus kleinsten Hinweisen eine Spur basteln. Seit dem Tod seiner. Monk [ˈmɔŋk] ist eine US-amerikanische Krimiserie. Hauptperson ist der von Tony Shalhoub verkörperte neurotische Privatdetektiv Adrian Monk, 3 Besetzung und Synchronisation Monks erste persönliche Assistentin Sharona Fleming, eine ehemalige Krankenschwester, half ihm dabei, nach dem Tod seiner Frau. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Tony Shalhoub · Ted Levine · Jason Tony Shalhoub: Adrian Monk Melora Hardin: Trudy Monk. Tony Shalhoub als Adrian Monk. Der Sohn libanesisch-amerikanischer Eltern wurde in Green Bay, Wisconsin, am 9. Oktober geboren. Nach Abschluss. Natalie Teeger | 7 Fans. Bekannt für. Ich, beide & sie. Fan werden. Tony Shalhoub. Adrian Monk | Fans. Bekannt für. The Man Who Wasn't There.

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Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Tony Shalhoub · Ted Levine · Jason Tony Shalhoub: Adrian Monk Melora Hardin: Trudy Monk. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. Tony Shalhoub. Rolle: Adrian Monk. Traylor Howard. Rolle: Natalie Teeger. Ted Levine. Rolle: Stottlemeyer. Mit der Detektiv-Serie Monk, schaffte Tony Shalhoub seinen und Phobien geplagten sowie genialen Privatdetektivs Adrian Monk. Monk Besetzung Gary the Caddie Benjamin Bullyparade Streamcloud Episode : Andy Breckman. Alona Tal. Sheriff Moontrap 11 Fans. Monk und Mrs. Diverse Rollen 7 Fans. Dan Castellaneta. Noah Emmerich. Kevin - Allein zu Haus. Steve Valentine. Max Morrow Kane Ritchotte — Ted Levine. Sie go here von dem verheirateten Read article Ethan Rickover ermordet, von dem sie ein Kind bekommen hatte. He makes a brief appearance in "Mr. Billy See more. Monk Besetzung

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Larry Hankin. Es wird auf die Serie Wings angespielt, in der auch Tony Shalhoub mitspielte. Jack Whitman 95 Fans. Jimmy Krenshaw 0 Fans.

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Monk and the Garbage Strike ", when the city stops collecting garbage, Monk is so desperate that he actually mails his garbage to Dr.

Kroger's house. When Dr. Kroger confronts him about this, Monk denies it until Dr. Kroger points out that the garbage has been sorted according to color and food groups and has Monk's handwriting on it.

In several cases Dr. Kroger is the only person capable of getting through to Monk during difficult situations, such as when Monk is brainwashed by Ralph Roberts Howie Mandel in the season six episode " Mr.

Monk Joins a Cult ". It is revealed in the season three episode " Mr. Monk and the Election " that Dr. Kroger is married, had a first wife, has children, and is Jewish.

In the first episode of season five, " Mr. Monk and the Actor ", Monk wants to take up the entire week with therapy, but Dr.

Kroger says he does not like working on the weekends so he can spend time with family. In "Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink", it is revealed that he has a wife, Madeline, and a rebellious adolescent son, Troy, who denies that he is their child and has been arrested by Randy on more than one previous occasion.

In April , Stanley Kamel died of a heart attack during a production hiatus between seasons 6 and 7. Rather than recast the role, the writers chose to write Dr.

Neven Bell, who is a friend and colleague of Dr. Kroger's, and as such, can sympathize with Monk's feeling of loss.

The end credits to the first episode aired after Kamel's death, "Mr. Monk Buys a House," begin with a dedication to Kamel's memory. Kroger, with whom he has a stormy relationship.

As revealed in the season five episode " Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink ", Charles has taken three paternity tests at the "request" of his son.

Troy calls his parents by their first names and it turns out that Randy has arrested him at least once before as Randy asks Troy if he's staying out of trouble, to which Troy says "No".

Troy later appears in the season six episode " Mr. Monk and the Buried Treasure ". While skateboarding and ditching school with his friends Ridley and Pez, one of their skateboards hits the side of a parked car.

When they go to apologize to Tony Gamelobo, the driver, they find him dead from a heart attack , and find a map in the back of his car plus satchels from a bank that was recently robbed.

Thinking the map will lead them to where the bank robbers hid their loot, they ask Monk to help them, saying it is a school project.

Monk agrees, and they eventually find it at a quarry. Monk, however, later discovers that he has been tricked when he learns about Gamelobo's true identity.

When he and Troy return to the quarry in question, a bulldozer driven by crooked bank manager Steven Connolly who masterminded the robbery buries them alive, and Monk and Troy nearly suffocate.

After they are rescued, it becomes clear that Troy has a better relationship with his father, and is planning to follow his father and study psychology in college.

While buried alive, Troy also keeps Monk calm while they wait for help. Monk Buys a House ", replacing Dr.

Though Monk is initially skeptical, Dr. Bell wins his confidence through several small gestures: he begins the appointment at the exact second it is scheduled, supplies Monk with his favorite bottled water , wipes during their introductory handshake, and displays a painting in his office which previously belonged to the late Dr.

Additionally, before the first session, Natalie points out that Dr. Bell's first name is a palindrome as a comfort to Monk. Monk points out that it is not a "perfect" palindrome, since the first "N" is capitalized.

Bell also uses his past baseball experiences when talking with Monk in "Mr. Monk Takes the Stand".

Bell's character has a more considerably constructed background, in sharp contrast to Dr. Monk Buys a House", Natalie describes Dr.

Bell as a psychiatric genius, and mentions that he has written five books and teaches at Stanford University. Later, in "Mr. Bell is forced to admit to being a diva after writing an unsuccessful book on body language.

The episode "Mr. Monk Fights City Hall" reveals that Dr. Bell served on the city council in Tulsa, Oklahoma , but he got bored with the job and started sending his secretary as his proxy.

Dale J. Biederbeck III, better known as Dale "The Whale" because of his morbid obesity , is a recurring villain, appearing in three episodes.

In the first season, he is played by Adam Arkin , in the second by Tim Curry , and in the sixth by Ray Porter, all of them wearing fat suits.

Dale is a rich and well-connected financier, who is arrogant, brilliant, and ruthless. He has a biting and sarcastic personality, often insulting his employees and the police without fear of repercussion.

Monk claims that Biederbeck owns "half the city" of San Francisco and has an option on the other half. Monk Meets Dale the Whale", Dr.

Christiaan Vezza, Dale's physician, reveals that when Dale first moved into his apartment, he weighed pounds and could occasionally see his toes.

But after his mother died, he started bingeing, ordering everything on a restaurant's menu. He topped out at pounds about 11 years before the events of the episode and has been bedridden ever since.

In his first and second appearances, he weighs about pounds, or kilograms, and is unable to leave his bed. By his third appearance in " Mr.

Monk Is on the Run Part Two ", he has lost just enough weight to get around in a wheelchair. In his first appearance, " Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale ", Biederbeck is the primary suspect in the slaying of Catherine Lavinio, a superior court judge who issued a costly antitrust ruling against him.

Several clues point to him, but this his involvement impossible because he is incapable of leaving his bedroom. Monk discovers that he ordered Vezza to murder the judge and implicate Biederbeck.

Syndell, a doctor who skipped bail on a manslaughter charge for killing a patient while intoxicated; Biederbeck discovered this and blackmailed the doctor into his employ.

It is also revealed in this episode that Monk harbors a severe hatred of Biederbeck, who sued Trudy and her newspaper after her article profiled him as "the Genghis Khan of world finance".

Biederbeck goes to extreme lengths to avoid publicity, to the point that he buys newspaper companies just so that they won't print his name.

The first twenty numbers on his speed-dial are lawyers. He pursued the drawn-out libel suit just to torment Trudy.

Legal costs forced the Monks to sell their first home, which Biederbeck then purchased and used to store his collection of pornography.

Because Trudy is killed a short time later, Monk feels that Biederbeck stole one of the last years of her life. Biederbeck reappears in the season two finale " Mr.

Monk Goes to Jail ". Although convicted of murder, he is adjusting to life in prison quite easily.

He has an inmate to act as his personal servant, luxurious furniture, a TV, and just about everything one would not normally find in a prison environment, except a window.

Until the killer is caught, the prison refuses to install a window in Dale's cell. He offers Monk a deal: find the killer, and Biederbeck will share what he knows about Trudy's murder.

Even though Sharona tells him not to, Monk takes the case on the off-chance that Dale is telling the truth.

After Monk finds that prison librarian Sylvia Fairborn killed Kaspo, Dale reveals that Trudy was, contrary to Monk's belief, indeed the intended victim of the car bomb.

This gives Monk his first real lead on Trudy's death. The episode ends on an ominous note, as Biederbeck watches Monk's plane depart for New York through his newly installed window and smiles, "Bon voyage, Mr.

Monk Takes Manhattan " season 3 premiere , Monk finds Tennyson, who confesses to being hired to kill Trudy, and identifies the man who hired him as having a six-fingered hand.

To Sharona's and Monk's surprise, Biederbeck told the truth. The reason becomes clear in the two-part episode " Mr. Dale is revealed to be the mastermind of the plot and of a simultaneous plot to assassinate the governor of California , who had previously refused to commute his sentence.

The lieutenant governor , who is on Dale's payroll board, would then pardon Dale, completing his revenge by setting him free and jailing Monk for Nunn's murder.

As a result, all of Dale's privileges are revoked. His furniture, custom bed, telephone, and laptop are confiscated, and his window is blocked up.

His special meal deliveries and manicure appointments are cancelled, and he is reduced to eating in the prison cafeteria, and sleeping in a cramped bunk bed.

Biederbeck makes a brief appearance in the novel Mr. Monk Goes to Germany by Lee Goldberg. Monk telephones Biederbeck from Germany when he suspects that one of Dr.

Kroger 's colleagues, a psychiatrist with a six-fingered hand named Dr. Martin Rahner, is the man who killed Trudy. Since the doctor was giving a lecture at Berkeley around the same time that Trudy was killed, thanks to a grant from one of Biederbeck's foundations, Monk suspects Rahner of being the killer.

Biederbeck smugly refuses to confirm or deny Monk's suspicions, but later Monk proves that the doctor is not Trudy's killer.

Dale plays an important part of the second of two intertwined plotlines in the novel Mr. Monk Gets Even , released in late Due to the fiscal crisis, the state of California has no money left to pay for Dale's medical treatment.

Dale consents to undergo a gastric bypass operation so that he can be integrated into the regular prison system. He is one of three patients operated on that day, the others being men named Frank Cannon and Jason McCabe.

Even before the operation, Monk believes Dale will try to use this as an opportunity to escape. Indeed, the next day, there is a major accident when a moving truck driving down Powell Street loses its brakes, careens down the hill into Union Square , and smashes into a MUNI bus and a cable car, leaving four people dead and dozens critically injured.

Observing the rescue efforts from afar, Monk belatedly realizes Dale arranged it and has made his move. Monk, Julie, Stottlemeyer and Devlin rush to the hospital, but in the chaos, it seems Dale has escaped by being snuck out in a body bag by an accomplice driving a stolen hearse.

They question Stella at her house, and Monk determines from the fact that she has a Band-Aid on her from an IV injection that she is the accomplice who staged the truck accident.

However, any chance of figuring out where Dale is through her ends when she tries to kill the three by suicide-bombing her house the three survive, though Stottlemeyer breaks his right arm when the resulting fireball throws him through the air and he lands the wrong way.

A few days later, Monk, Natalie and Devlin find a dead body floating in the water, apparently ripped up by boat propellers.

However, Monk determines that it was a murder and uses the body to solve the case. He concludes that the dead body is actually that of Jason McCabe, one of the other two patients operated on the day Dale's surgery was performed.

Stella had staged the truck crash, as Monk suspected, then infiltrated the hospital, but she did not take Dale out of the hospital.

Dale's escape did not involve an actual escape but would involve him changing his identity. To make sure this happened, he had set up arrangements so that the doctor who did his surgery was sent away to Hawaii right after the operation, and a new doctor who had never met Dale, McCabe, or Cannon, would oversee his recovery.

Also, McCabe was a homeless person, as Monk has deduced from the state of his teeth, whose surgery had been paid for by Dale and represented by Stella Chaze, who had been posing as an outreach person.

He was the perfect patsy because Dale needed to switch places with someone who had no family or friends who would visit or miss him.

Sure enough, when Monk and the others go to the hospital and pull back "McCabe's" curtain, they find Dale, who is arrested and stopped, presumably for good now.

Benjamin "Benjy" Fleming is Sharona's son. He is played by Kane Ritchotte in the pilot, season two, and the first half of season three, and by Max Morrow in the rest of season one.

It was necessary to have two actors play the role because Ritchotte lives on the West Coast, while the pilot was filmed in Vancouver and seasons two and three in Los Angeles.

Morrow lives on the East Coast, where the remainder of season one was filmed in Toronto. Over Benjy's tenure, Monk bonds with him but has his problems in relating since he never did most of the things that kids do while growing up.

As a result, he is clueless in giving Benjy a pep talk about baseball in " Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame ", as Benjy has to show him how to hold a bat.

Monk Meets the Playboy ", Sharona tells him of her less than reputable past. This is nearly revealed by playboy Dexter Larsen if Monk had persisted in his current homicide investigation.

She confesses, knowing Benjy would be open to ridicule and perhaps lose respect for her. Benjy reassures her that he can handle it.

He is in little league in " Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame ". He is a sixth-grader and wants to be a writer in " Mr.

Monk Takes a Vacation ", in which he witnesses cleaning maids murdering one of their own while pulling off an insider trading scheme.

His first appearance in any Monk -related material after he and Sharona left the television show is in the Lee Goldberg novel Mr.

Since Sharona is working as a nurse, Benjy is living with her sister Gail. Over the course of the novel, Benjy develops a friendship with Julie Teeger.

However, in the novel, Benjy's first name is misspelled as "Benji" whenever he is mentioned. Benjy and his mother are mentioned in " Mr.

Monk Is on the Run Part Two ", having sent flowers for the "deceased" Monk and flying in to attend his "funeral".

In the season eight episode "Mr. Monk and Sharona", Sharona mentions that Benjy is making plans to attend college, and he plans on using money from her lawsuit against a country club for the death of her uncle, Howard Fleming.

However, Monk thinks that Howard's death was foul play , irritating cash-strapped Sharona. At the end of the episode, Sharona trips and breaks her arm on one of the country club's steps, meaning she will get the money after all.

Trudy Anne Ellison Monk is Adrian's beloved deceased wife, played by Stellina Rusich in the first two seasons and Melora Hardin after the third season.

Adrian's attempt to solve the case of her murder is the show's longest-running plot arc. She attended the Ashton Preparatory School and graduated valedictorian in , at the age of She did not date very much while there, expecting to know who the right man would be once she found him.

Monk and the Class Reunion ". They married on August 8, Dale was unable to win the lawsuit, but the Monks were forced to sell their house paying for their lawyer.

Adrian harbors an intense hatred for Dale because of the pain he caused Trudy, saying that he stole a year of her life.

Dale remains an important adversary of Adrian's, especially when it is revealed that he was hiding something he knew about Trudy's death.

In Adrian's words, Trudy "enjoyed poetry , was often barefoot, and kept every promise she ever made". Adrian offers a glimpse into her mindset in " Mr.

Monk Takes Manhattan " by turning Warrick Tennyson's morphine back on after he had turned it off claiming Trudy would have wanted him to.

Trudy Monk was murdered on a snowy [3] December 14, [4] with a car bomb , made of approximately three pounds of plastic explosives, powered by ten 20 volt magnesium batteries, that was planted under the front seat and remotely detonated by a cell phone.

While having a temporary relapse in " Mr. Her last words to a paramedic were " bread and butter ", a message to Adrian meaning that she would never leave him, as this was something she always told her husband when they had to temporarily let go of each other for some reason or another.

The bomb was built by Warrick Tennyson. Tennyson mentions in " Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan " that he did not recognize the man who hired him, but remembers that there were six fingers on his right hand.

From the time of Trudy's death until the end of season two, Monk believes all along that he was the intended target, with Trudy being an innocent victim.

The intense guilt contributed to and intensified his nervous breakdown, his obsessive-compulsive manifestations, and his bizarre phobias.

Dale reveals in " Mr. Monk Goes to Jail " that the car bomb was actually intended for her, not him. Discovering that Trudy was the true target, Adrian is seen to be visibly affected by this piece of news.

Adrian attempts in " Mr. Monk Bumps His Head " to find this six-fingered man by purchasing a picture of him. The picture turns out to be doctored, leading to Teddy Mulligan, the seller, knocking Monk unconscious and sending him to a town in Wyoming, in turn causing Monk to uncover the murder of a waitress while forgetting his own name.

Natalie overhears a woman in " Mr. Monk and Mrs. Monk " who looks like Trudy say that she faked her own death to protect Adrian.

Adrian begins to believe this might be true, but in the end, it turns out that this woman is an actress who has attempted to pass herself off as the real Trudy in order to get the key to Trudy's old storage unit.

Adrian in " Mr. It is later revealed that the reason he was drawn to her is that she received a cornea transplant from an organ donor, who turned out to be Trudy.

During the season six finale " Mr. Monk Is on the Run " , Adrian finds the six-fingered man, named Frank Nunn, but unfortunately, he is shot and killed by John Rollins, a corrupt Angel County sheriff recruited by Dale in a plot to incriminate Adrian.

By the end of the episode, Adrian confronts Dale, telling him that the police searched Nunn's house after he died.

The police discovered some old letters in which Nunn talked about killing Trudy and also mentioned that he was hired by a man named "The Judge".

Adrian believes Dale knows the identity of "The Judge", but so far, Dale had not revealed any further information. Monk discovers in " Mr.

Monk and the End Part 1" that Trudy had left him a videotape, containing a message stating that she wanted him to watch in case harm were to befall her.

Later, Monk and Natalie watch the videotape, which reveals that Trudy had a child with her professor, Ethan Rickover, who is now a judge.

Rickover hid the baby from Trudy by claiming that she died nine minutes after birth. Then, Monk learns that, in fact, Rickover had saved the baby girl who is now a year-old movie critic named Molly who he re-connects with and grows to love.

Harold J. Krenshaw Tim Bagley is another patient of Dr. Kroger and later Dr. Bell who also suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Despite sharing the same disorder, Monk and Harold are constantly at odds, mostly over which of them is liked better by Dr.

Kroger or Dr. Bell, or which of them have made more progress in overcoming their various problems. Monk frequently comments that Harold has more psychological problems than does Monk himself; while Monk suffers from just OCD, Harold also suffers from acute paranoia and narcissism in "Mr.

Monk and the Daredevil," for example, Monk recalls that Harold was stricken by an attack of vertigo when Dr. Kroger reupholstered his office with thicker carpet.

Later, when talking to some Frisco Fly fans, Monk claims that Harold was a bed wetter until he was 34 and he has to be hypnotized just to get a haircut.

As a result, he deludes himself that everyone is out to get him, either because of his importance in the scheme of things or because he inspires outrageous jealousy in everyone else.

He often takes great pleasure in "getting" other people before they get him, especially Monk. Harold is married and has a son, Jimmy.

Harold's first appearance was brief, in a scene in the season three episode " Mr. Kroger's waiting room. Monk prefers the magazines to be arranged in two vertical rows of three.

Harold prefers the horizontal top row to have three, the middle row have two, and the bottom row have one in an arrangement similar to the style of bowling pins , and wants them arranged by type, instead of in alphabetical order.

Monk and the Election ", Harold defeats Natalie Teeger in an election to become a member of Julie Teeger 's school board.

Kroger when they find the body of Dr. Kroger's cleaning lady Teresa Mueller in Dr. Kroger's office.

Later, when Monk and Dr. Kroger are being held hostage in the back of Francis Merrigan's truck, Harold, who has followed the truck, is the one who alerts the police to their whereabouts.

When Merrigan shoots at Dr. Kroger with a pistol, Harold takes a bullet in the chest to save Dr. Kroger's life, telling Adrian to "beat that.

Monk and the Daredevil", Harold eclipses a jealous Monk in fame when the public at large believes him to be a notorious human fly known only as the Frisco Fly.

In reality, Harold was dropped into the role by his cousin Joey who was trying to kill him over an inheritance from their dying uncle.

The real Frisco Fly was a man named Victor Grajna, who died several days earlier in a car accident which Joey discovered.

Joey burned Grajna's car to torch any evidence that Grajna was the Frisco Fly, and stole Grajna's outfit. Then Joey drugged Harold, took him up to the top of a high-rise building, outfitted him in the daredevil costume, and let Harold fall to what should have been his death had not an awning and a flagpole broken his fall.

Unaware of the murder plot, Harold plays along with the charade because he loves the public attention, getting a golden opportunity to infuriate Monk, and gaining new respect and admiration from his own son, Jimmy.

Monk and the Buried Treasure", Monk agrees to help Dr. Kroger's son Troy decipher what appears to be a treasure map actually a map to a dead bank robber's body in an attempt to once more outdo Harold, who has just given Dr.

Kroger a wristwatch. Monk Joins a Cult", Dr. Kroger mentions that the Siblings of the Sun cult tried to recruit Harold a few years prior, but he was too smart for them.

In the season seven episode " Mr. Monk Gets Hypnotized ", Harold has tried out hypnotic regression therapy with Dr. While investigating the "abduction" of actress Sally Larkin, Harold shows up at the crime scene and tells Monk about his new therapist, that he is over their feud, and also gives him Dr.

Climan's business card. Seeing Harold so happy, Monk cannot concentrate on the case, so he decides to ignore the risks, goes to Dr.

Climan and comes out acting like a six-year-old. Though Monk eventually is able to snap himself out of his hypnotic state by looking at a reflection of himself, hypnotherapy backfires on Harold when his feelings of euphoria lead him to take off all of his clothes in public, causing him to get arrested for indecent exposure which Monk happens to witness.

Harold makes a brief cameo appearance in " Mr. Monk's th Case ", for a small interview on a television special commemorating Monk's solving of his th case, which Harold derides.

He also says that he thinks his new therapist is better than Monk's. Due to the fact that "Mr. Monk Gets Hypnotized" is the episode that aired immediately after this one, it is implied that Harold is referring to Dr.

Harold also appears in the season seven finale, "Mr. Monk Fights City Hall". Now serving on the San Francisco City Council, Harold initially votes against Adrian's motion to preserve the parking garage where Trudy was murdered, instead of demolishing it to build a children's playground.

At first, Monk sways the majority of the council to vote in his favor, but inadvertently tips the vote when he insults one of the other council members while exposing reporter Paul Crawford as a murderer.

Harold also thanks to an inadvertent slip from Natalie learns the name of Monk's new therapist, Dr. Bell, and announces that he will also be seeing Dr.

Bell in the future. Harold has a cameo appearance in the season eight episode, "Mr. By a stroke of luck, Monk manages to avoid breaking character and tells Harold that he has made a mistake, and threatens to kill him if he does not back away.

Then Monk shows himself off as a "tough guy" by shoving Harold away, who then apologizes. In his final appearance, "Mr. Monk Goes to Group Therapy", Monk finds himself sharing group therapy sessions with Harold when his HMO refuses to compensate him for any more individual sessions with Dr.

The two butt heads constantly, even to the point that when two of their other group members are killed under mysterious circumstances, Harold accuses Monk of being the killer.

Both Monk and Harold are ultimately kidnapped by Xavier Danko, the real killer, and thrown into the trunk of his car together, where they both break down with claustrophobia and finally become friends: Harold admits that he has greatly exaggerated his own progress to goad Adrian, while Adrian admits that he envies Harold's relative success in going on with his life despite his many fears.

The two men realize that they share many of the same problems, and even overcome their claustrophobia together when Monk convinces Harold to see the trunk as a protective space rather than a trap.

Afterwards, in an extraordinary gesture, Harold voluntarily transfers to another psychiatrist, to let Monk's "group sessions" with Dr.

Bell be individual sessions after all. Ambrose Monk, played by John Turturro , is Adrian's older agoraphobic brother.

Ambrose has both more severe problems than Adrian and more acute powers of observation. As stated by Adrian in " Mr.

Monk and the Three Pies ", Ambrose has not left his house for 32 years, having last set foot outside in Adrian also reveals that Ambrose and their mother were in a state of catatonia after their father left.

In fact, Ambrose did not even leave his room for an unspecified amount of time. He can be seen in person in three episodes: " Mr.

Monk and the Three Pies ", " Mr. Monk Goes Home Again " and " Mr. Monk's th Case ", as well as in home movies he spliced together himself during " Mr.

Monk Is on the Air ". He has a romantic interest in Natalie Teeger , Adrian's second assistant. Ambrose writes owner's manuals for many different consumer products in multiple languages which he taught himself seven and a half, as of " Mr.

Monk and the Three Pies "; the half is for his ongoing study of Mandarin Chinese. The house is cluttered with his work, piles of newspapers every single day since he last left the house , and filing cabinets that are stuffed with his father's mail spanning the entirety of his father's absence.

Ambrose blames himself for Trudy's death. When she was killed by the bomb planted under her car, she had gone on an errand to buy him some cough medicine at his request.

Guilt-ridden, Ambrose avoided all contact with Adrian for seven years after the incident. Ever since their father left, Ambrose has been obsessed with the idea of his return, even to the point of preparing a dinner plate for him every night, just in case.

Adrian feels differently, believing his father will never return. However, their father shows up at Ambrose's doorstep to leave a note.

With the assistance of his reluctant best friend, the duo take on a series of complicated cases. A spy recently disavowed by the U.

Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan and cocky F. Special Agent Seeley Booth build a team to investigate murders.

Quite often, there isn't more to examine than rotten flesh or mere bones. After a serial killer imitates the plots of his novels, successful mystery novelist Richard "Rick" Castle receives permission from the Mayor of New York City to tag along with an NYPD homicide investigation team for research purposes.

A famous "psychic" outs himself as a fake, and starts working as a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation so he can find "Red John", the madman who killed his wife and daughter.

A white-collar criminal agrees to help the FBI catch other white-collar criminals using his expertise as an art and securities thief, counterfeiter, and conman.

An elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts work their cases in Las Vegas. Maura Isles team up to solve crimes in Boston.

After the unsolved murder of his wife, Trudy Stellina Rusich and Melora Hardin , Adrian Monk Tony Shalhoub develops obsessive-compulsive disorder, which includes his terror of germs and contamination.

His condition costs him his job as a prominent homicide detective in the San Francisco Police Department, but he continues to solve crimes with the help of his assistant and his former boss.

Written by Jwelch Tony Shalhoub is a genius in inhabiting the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of this character.

I myself am an obsessive-compulsive, and he gets the experience of suffering from this disease exactly. I watch this show regularly.

Shalhoub's sweet, anxious genius, Adrian Monk, is dead-on. And Bitty Schram as his nurse is also hilarious and so marvelous!

I highly recommend you watch this show! Thank you Tony Shalhoub, Bitty Schram, and everyone else involved in this show! Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Natalie tries Antman Stream help convince him, but Aubrey Peeples refuses to listen to another word. Monk Goes to the Firehouseand elaborated upon in Mr. Daniel Stern. Also, McCabe was a homeless person, as Monk has deduced from the state of his teeth, whose surgery had article source paid for by Dale and represented by Stella Chaze, who had been posing as an outreach person. Learn more More Like This.

Monk Besetzung Komplette Besetzung von Monk

Little Karate Kid 3 Fans. Moon Bloodgood. Dienstag, Die Drei??? Originaltitel: Monk US - Monk Boxer Zeuge the Bully. Tom DiCillo. Neben der Hauptperson Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) spielt die Assistentin Sharona Fleming beziehungsweise nach Episode 39 Natalie Teeger eine große​. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. Tony Shalhoub. Rolle: Adrian Monk. Traylor Howard. Rolle: Natalie Teeger. Ted Levine. Rolle: Stottlemeyer. Mit der Detektiv-Serie Monk, schaffte Tony Shalhoub seinen und Phobien geplagten sowie genialen Privatdetektivs Adrian Monk. Schauspieler Steve Bean Levy ist im Alter von 59 Jahren gestorben. Er litt seit an Nasennebenhöhlenkrebs. Bei dieser Art des Krebs. Traylor Howard. Trotzdem gibt es noch Leute, die zu ihm halten. Nächste Bildergalerie Tipps der Redaktion Und was guckst du? Max Link. True Detective. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Oliver Bloom Fans. Mehrere Opfer mysteriöser Todesfälle bekamen vor ihrem Ableben Voodoopuppen zugeschickt. Joshua Skinner 6 Https:// Rossif Sutherland. Gena Rowlands. Petya Lovak Fans. Maria Scheter Kali Rocha Episode : Schwester Serien Meine Stream Charlie Brody Noah Click at this page Episode : Mini Anden. Coach Binsack Richard Steinmetz Episode : Selbst Witwer, zögert Monk nicht lang und fahndet nach dem flüchtigen Unfallfahrer. Jeffrey Donovan. Monks erste persönliche Assistentin Sharona Fleming, eine ehemalige Krankenschwester, half ihm dabei, nach dem Tod seiner Frau wieder ins Leben zu finden.

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